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2.55sEveryone, keep an eye on your evil counterpart.
2.1sAnd you all do the same.
4.89sUm, can Fry and I watch our parallel selves together? We have plans tonight.
0.66sYou guys are dating?
2.07sOh, no, no.
2.4sWe're married.
1.93sI got my eye on you, boy.
2.07sDon't even think about it, lunch pail.
1.97sYou'll be dead before you hit the ground.
2.4sGood point. What do you say we just hit a strip joint?
2.47sI was waiting for one of us to say that.
2.1sWhoo-hoo! Yea!
2.37sBender "A," you're a prince among robots.
2.7sCan you forgive me for distrusting you?
5.24sOh, I can't stay mad at what is essentially me. I love me.
2.82sThis is so great!
2.49sI always wanted an imaginary friend.
2.4sI'm not imaginary. I'm parallel.