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4.92sOh, lordy Lou! Help!
2.33sI know you've rejected me a lot before,
2.94sbut, frankly, I wasn't sure we were right for each other either.
3.3sBut now I am. So how about a date tonight?
3.87sSorry. I think I, uh, I think I left my toaster on.
2.7sBuddha! Zeus! God!
2.74sOne of you guys do something!
3.37sCome on, Leela. What's the real reason you won't go out with me?
2.87sHelp, Satan! You owe me!
4.54sLook. Um, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but you forced me to.
2.45sI can't go out tonight because...
3.45sI have sweaty boot rash!
3.67sNo spluh. Why do you think I'm sitting over here in the stink-free zone?