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3.85sThis is getting confusing. Why don't we call our universe Universe "A,"
2.2sand this universe Universe "B"?
2.42sHey, why can't we be Universe "A"?
3.84sWe called it first. Besides, this place kinda feels like a "B," you know?
2.59sAll right. You can be crummy Universe "A,"
1.93sand we'll be Universe One.
4.44sOr the Mongooses. That's a cool team name. The Fighting Mongooses.
2.22sWait a second. If everyone is identical,
4swhy did our Leela look into the box and your Leela didn't?
2.45sWell, to be honest, I tossed a coin.
2.07sIt came up tails, so I didn't look.
3.12sThat's weird. Mine came up heads, so I did.
3.72sInteresting. Apparently, the key difference between our universes...
2.94sis that coin flips have opposite outcomes.