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3.8sAll you created was my fist parallel to your face.
2.45sLook. It doesn't matter who created what.
2.82sThe important thing is--
1.82sWe're exactly the same.
4.35sI know all her moves. Therefore, I've got the upper hand.
1.91sNow, now.
4.37sPerfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.
3.35sLet's recap what's happened so far.
2.29sAs you can see, I accidentally created...
2.3sa box containing your universe.
2.82sWhile I, in a simultaneous blunder,
2.99screated the box containing your universe.
3.85sThis is getting confusing. Why don't we call our universe Universe "A,"
2.2sand this universe Universe "B"?