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2.97sI just fell into the box, and then I fell out somehow.
0.5sYou shut up, sir.
1.34sNo, wait!
3.24sI've got it! I know what's in the box.
3.17sOh, I've been as dumb as Fry.
0.21sAm not!
3.75sIt contains a parallel universe.
1.78sAnd when you create a parallel universe,
3.47sit's almost always populated by evil twins.
3.7sNow look. I am not evil. My loan officer said so.
3.1sOh, you'd like us to believe that, wouldn't you, Leela?
2.54sOr should I say, "Evila"?
1.92sOh, this is awful.
2.42sSomewhere there's a more evil Bender than me.
2.05sI do my best, damn it!
2.25sLeela. The good Leela.
2.67sI want you to snoop around the other universe...
2.67sand find out how evil they are.
2.32sI tell you, they're not evil.
2.94sBut don't be confused; they are jerks.