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3.6sYou'll have to throw it into the sun itself,
2.84sfor only the thermonuclear inferno of the sun...
3.7shas enough energy to ensure its total destruction.
0.46sI can hit it with a shovel.
2.17sThat's not good enough.
3.69sThis one time, I pounded a guy into the ground like a stake with a shovel.
0.7sYes, yes.
1.82sSo, what's in the box already?
3.32sNo peeking!
2.19sI don't know what's in there,
4.1sbut I'm sure our minds would be unable to comprehend it.
2.25sOh! You hurt my collator!
2.29sI don't care. Listen well.
3.84sNo matter what happens, no matter how great your curiosity,
3.3syou are forbidden to look in this box.
4.17sForbidden! Pretty tantalizing though.