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1.73sPeter, please don't do this.
1.28sWe can buy another car.
2.8sI'll give extra piano lessons on Sundays.
2.64sCome on, Lois. All I gotta do is have a spiritual vision.
2.65sI've had one before.
3.34sOh, my God, Brian. There's a message in my Alpha Bits.
1.6sIt says "Ooooo."
2.09sPeter, those are Cheerios.
1.92sYou must begin your journey now.
1.73sNow's your chance to be alone with Dad.
2.7sAre you nuts? I'm not attracted to Dad.
2.47sTell him you don't want to be in Scouts.
1.82sOh, Thanks, Meg.
2.5sHey, Dad, um, can I come?
1.3sHow about it, Lenny?
2.15sWhat the hey? The more the merrier.
1.55sNow get the hell out of here, you nut,
1.92sand go have yourself a spiritual vision.