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2.92sUh, I mean, Chief Grand Cherokee.
1.4sHe was a rainmaker.
1.77sHey-yah, ho-yah, ho-yah, ho-yah
1.2shey-yah, hey
8.17sI'm so happy doing the neutron dance hey-yah, hey-yah, hey I'm just burning doing the neutron dance And he also killed a bunch of Krauts at Wounded Knee.
2.5sSo are you gonna give me back my car, or what?
3.09sI have to confer with the council of the elders. You wait right here.
1.39sAre you nuts, Peter?
1.47sYou'll never get away with this.
2sWhy not? I've fooled people before.
2sY-You remember that time I pretended to be gay?
2.65sPeter, There is no way they're gonna believe you're an IndiaN.
1.22sHe's an Indian, all right.
0.73sHow do you know?
1.05sI can tell.
1.4sOh, You think everyone's an Indian.
2.74sHe could just be another mooch trying to get A cut of our profits.