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3.27sOh, Damn, Schneider! What won't you say?
1.88sNo answer at the house.
1.37sYou didn't bet that, too, did you?
1.4sI'm sorry, Peter.
1.6sI feel so foolish.
2.42sIt just seemed like such a good cause.
3.52sEveryone in the tribe gets a share in the casino's profits.
0.8sWhat did you just say?
1.03s"I'm sorry, Peter."
1.15sAfter that. "I feel so foolish."
1.1sAfter that. "Casino's profits."
1.22sBefore that. "Everyone in the tribe."
1.47sNow The whole thing.
1.55s"Everyone in the tribe gets A share of the casino's profits?"
2.27sThat's it! Let's go!
2.1sI'm sorry to hear about your misfortune.
2.3sBut we're not allowed to return gambling losses.
2.93sWell, I think you can make an exception in our case, Lenny.
1.93sSee, I'm an Indian, too.
0.98sExcuse me?
1.93sYou heard me. I'm a member of your tribe.