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1.08sWhat do you want?
2.3sMeg, I don't want to be in the Scouts anymore.
1.73sI just want to draw.
2.33sListen, I was kinda hoping you could tell Dad.
2.57sBut try and open with a joke.
1.02sTell him yourself.
1.1sI can't.
1.73sI don't want to disappoint him again.
3.62sremember what happened when he tried to sneak me into the County Fair?
1.77sUh, One, please.
1.6sWait a second! Your ass just sneezed!
1.5sAnd horses can't talk!
1.15sNo, no, no, No!
1.58sNothing about this adds up at all!
1.4sOk, look.
1.23sDad is really easy.
3.4sAll you have to do is sit on his lap give him a big kiss on the cheek,
2.54slook him right in the eye, and he's butter.
1.03sWhat the hell?
2.52sDad, the Scouts are no fun. And I...
1.63sOh, Wait a minute.
2.22sChris, I am going to stand up,