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6.74s(GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE PLAYING) I don't believe in frettin' and grievin'
3.27sWhy mess around with strife?
3.64sI never was cut out to step and strut out
3.14sGive me the simple life
3.74sSome find it pleasant dining on pheasant
3.04sThose things roll off my knife
4.04sJust serve me tomatoes and mashed potatoes
2.57sGive me the simple life
2.2sMAN ON TV: We now return to the Sunday afternoon movie,
2sMasturbator and Commander.
3.44s(KNOCKING) Captain, the enemy ship has opened fire on us.
2.74sCAPTAIN: I'll be right out. Sir, we've already lost 10 men.
2.74sHang on. Sir, don't you think we should return fire?
1.37sYeah, yeah, go ahead and do that,
2sand I'll meet you up there in, like, five minutes.
2.4sPeter, I've never seen you so happy.