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1.4sWow, you're...
2.34sGosh, you're making me feel more important than a dwarf among midgets.
1.53sHey, can you reach the Crispix?
1.73sYes, I can.
3.4sHow awesome is this? Going out to dinner with my new family.
1.17sHi, can I help you?
1.37sI want... I want that one.
2.07sAll right, hold on, we'll get you that one.
2.67sI want straws. We'll get you a straw.
1.67sYou want a kid's meal? No.
1.67s- Do you mean "yes"? - Yes.
2.4sOkay, one kid's meal. And what'll you have, honey?
2.87sI'll have a fish sandwich and a Sanka.
1.83sOh, he's adorable.
3.54sSay hi to the nice lady, Peter. Oh, he's shy.
6.74s(GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE PLAYING) I don't believe in frettin' and grievin'