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1.93sSTEWIE: (IN WOMAN'S VOICE) Yes, that turkey,
3.9sthat raw turkey that you ate off the counter last week that got Lois mad,
2.74swhen you pooped that out, was the timer still in there?
3.24sAnd we're out of time. This has been The Lunch Hour.
2.94sJoin us next week, when our guest will be Gore Vidal.
3.84sAnd remember, life is full of entrees, so don't fill up on bread.
3.47sI'm gonna throw you now to Weenie and the Butt in the afternoon.
0.73sMAN: (IN DEEP VOICE) Weenie and the Butt.
2.4sWOMAN: 97.1. In the afternoon.
1.13sIn the afternoon.
2s- Oh, my God. - WQHG.
2.57sTurn it on and rip the knob off.
2sYou're listening to the radio.
2.77sSir, I'm very sorry. That was this guy I know.
2.27sHe thinks he's hilarious. He is hilarious.
2.13sI was on my way in here to cancel your show,
1.8sbut the banter you did with that guy...
2.2sWell, as we say in the radio business,
3.1s"If you put that on the radio, people will listen to it."
1.47sMake him part of the show.
2.94sYou don't want him. He's not really a professional like me.