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3.07sToday's entree is politics. What's on your mind today?
2.14sThe governor's budget? Stem cell research?
4.5sGive us a hot spoonful of your opinion. Okay, we have a question from Quahog.
2.2sCaller, you're on The Lunch Hour. Can I take your order?
2.9sSTEWIE: Yes, I'll have a big helping of the pretentious crap.
3.37s(LAUGHS) Whoa! Sometimes the crazy ones get through.
2.67sOkay, we have Rose from Cranston on the phone.
1.6sWelcome, Rose, can I take your order?
1.93sSTEWIE: (IN WOMAN'S VOICE) Yes, that turkey,
3.9sthat raw turkey that you ate off the counter last week that got Lois mad,
2.74swhen you pooped that out, was the timer still in there?
3.24sAnd we're out of time. This has been The Lunch Hour.
2.94sJoin us next week, when our guest will be Gore Vidal.
3.84sAnd remember, life is full of entrees, so don't fill up on bread.