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1.6sStupid song.
1.23sWhat are you looking at?
1.07sYeah, it's me.
2.84sYour old punching bag, Charlie Brown.
3.47sEverybody wish Snoopy was here? And Woodstock?
3.84sEverybody wish Snoopy and Woodstock was here? Well, they're dead.
3.27sAnd guess what? I sold Snoopy the junk.
2.54sThat's right, he got it from me.
2.9sI swear I didn't know how strong it was.
3.67sAnd now he's dead. They're both dead.
4.04sI don't give a crap about Woodstock, but Snoopy...
3.4s(SOBBING) Get off me, you skank.
1.93sI can't believe you left Dad.
2.54sI have needs that he didn't satisfy.
4.67sAnd I'm still a young woman, Peter. 82 is the new 74.
3.3sI'm putting my fine ass back on the market.
3.4sBoy, this is really going to upset my evil brother, Thaddeus.