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3.14s(BELL RINGING) I think we have a wiener!
5.27s(DONKEY BRAYING) And that's Dicky, the Punch Line Donkey, on 97.1.
3.7sWOMAN: Dicky, the Punch Line Donkey, on cool 97.1.
1.54sMAN: Cool weekends.
1.43sOn the radio.
1sMAN 2: In the morning.
1.7s- FM. - Cool.
2.94sWQHG. Cool weekends. In the morning.
1.83sOn 97.1.
1.63sMAN ON TV: And now back to Round Table,
3.57swith Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano and Kermit the Frog.
2.2sRezoning laws are infringing on the rights of citizens.
2.23sIf I might interrupt for a minute, I'd like to point out...
1.9sYou've had your time. Let someone else speak.
1.6sI haven't said a word. It was that guy.