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3.8syou could win $97.1 for the cool weekend ahead.
2.17sMAN: Weenie and the Butt. Weenie and the Butt.
3.57sWOMAN: Cool weekends in the morning, 97.1 FM.
2.83sMAN 2: Cool weekends in the morning with Weenie and the Butt.
2.84sWQHG 97.1.
1.67s- 97.1. - 97.1.
1.43sWeenie and the Butt.
1.93sIn the morning, cool weekends.
1.7s- Weenie, Weenie, Weenie. - And the Butt.
1.43sAnd welcome back.
2.44sExcuse me, I gotta find a lost kid. Can I use your mike?
1.3sThat's what she said.
2.47sWhoa! You got Butt-slammed!
4s(ZANY CLANGING) (BOTH LAUGHING) Listen, I could really use a hand here.
1.43sThat's what he said.
2.04sButt slam!
3.47s(MONKEY CHATTERING) That's Manic Monkey on 97.1.
3.17sWOMAN: Manic Monkey, 97.1.