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3.54s"Julie, I promise to get back on my feet before the baby arrives."
4.07sJulie, I promise to get back on my feet before the baby arrives.
1.37sHe's good. Yeah, he's always good.
1.43sVery good. Yeah. Yeah.
1.23sOkay, thank you.
2.1sStewie. Stewie.
3.6sHey, everybody, it's Weenie and the Butt here live at the Quahog air show.
2.74sWe're all ready for the Weenie sound-alike contest.
5.17sI don't know, Butt. I don't think they can say my catchphrase, because "They no funny."
2.97s(HORN BLOWING) There it is.
2.27sAnd if you think you can say that just like Weenie here,
3.8syou could win $97.1 for the cool weekend ahead.
2.17sMAN: Weenie and the Butt. Weenie and the Butt.
3.57sWOMAN: Cool weekends in the morning, 97.1 FM.
2.83sMAN 2: Cool weekends in the morning with Weenie and the Butt.
2.84sWQHG 97.1.
1.67s- 97.1. - 97.1.
1.43sWeenie and the Butt.
1.93sIn the morning, cool weekends.
1.7s- Weenie, Weenie, Weenie. - And the Butt.
1.43sAnd welcome back.
2.44sExcuse me, I gotta find a lost kid. Can I use your mike?