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1.44sWhat's your problem?
2.04sPapa Tom's being a jerk.
1.37sAt least he talks to you.
3.07sHe's my dad and he hasn't paid attention to me in weeks.
1.7sWell, all in all, you should be thankful.
3.1sI think the Kennedys had a kid like you, and they had it put to sleep.
2.74sHey, Peter, I'm sorry about that business with the ice cream.
3.24sI guess I'm just still a little torn up about your mom.
2sBut, hey, I'll make it up to you. Let's play catch.
1.7sWait a minute. You know what?
2.64s- I think you should play catch with Jake. - Really?
2.9sYeah, I had a taste of what it was like to have a real father.
2.13sI can't make him share his.
3.14sWell, all right, Peter. Come on, Jake.
3.44sI guess I've learned a little something about what it means to be a good dad.
1.5sHey, Dad, do you want to play baseball?
4.54sOh, my God, could you leave me alone? You are the neediest kid.
2.17sI can't believe you gave up our show.
1.1sYeah, sorry.
3.24sI wonder who they got to replace us.
3.5s- It's magic hour with Dark Chocolate... - And the Rod.