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1.13sI want some ice cream.
3.2sNo, Peter, you finish your food.
3.04sYou, hey... You get back here right now, mister.
3.1sDon't you... Get down from that chair or you're in big trouble.
2.77sYou put that ice cream back right now.
5.97sI mean it. I am not kidding around. I am not gonna say it again.
3.4sIf you put that ice cream in your mouth, you're gonna be in big trouble, young man.
2.7sI hate you, I hate you. I want my mommy.
1.57sWell, I'm the best you've got.
1.17sAll right, so you know the drill.
1.6sWe're gonna turn on the hot dog cannon,
2.17sand for every hot dog that you catch in your mouth,
3.47syou get $100 toward a boob job that you desperately need.
2.67sI know. Okay, here we go.
1.6sOh. A miss.
2.47sOh. You got her in the eye with that one.
2.33sWhoa! That one was a teat-seeking missile.
2.84sI'm looking for Brian Griffin.
1.7sGore Vidal?