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2.8sGo ahead, caller, you're on with Dingo and the Baby.
3.64s(BABY GURGLES) WOMAN: Is this Dingo? Yes, honey, what's your name?
2.64sSindy, with an "S."
3.74sOoh. Hot. Hot. Oh, yeah, that's hot, that is hot.
1.5sTell me something, Sindy,
1.5show'd you like to come down here and get naked for us?
1.4s(CHUCKLES) Sure.
2.54s(BOTH WHOOPING) I think we got a show.
2.33sOh, yeah, we got a show. We definitely got a show.
2.14sOh, yeah, there's a show.
3.04sMAN ON TAPE: After all, AIDS is a deadly, incurable disease.
6.74sBut no matter how you come to judge Charles Wheeler and his partners in ethical, moral, and in human terms,
1.7sthe fact of the matter is,
4.14swhen they fired Andrew Beckett because he had AIDS,
2.54sthey broke the law.
2.33sMy God, what is wrong with you?
2.3sI swear to God that was supposed to be "food fight."
1.13sI want some ice cream.
3.2sNo, Peter, you finish your food.
3.04sYou, hey... You get back here right now, mister.