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1.73sPeter, this is a little strange.
3.6sNo stranger than when Darth Vader was a meter maid.
3.54sCome on, man. Cut me a break. I was only in there for, like, five minutes.
1.67sI already started writing the ticket.
2.3sYou know, I make your annual salary in a week.
2.87sAre you happy doing what you're doing? 'Cause you're pathetic.
3.74sI gotta do it, Karen. I just gotta take a shot.
2.34sThat guy... That guy just got to me today.
3.07sYou do whatever you think is right, and I'll support it.
1.53sI don't really understand it.
1.67sWhat do you want this loan for?
3sI want to build a giant space station that can destroy a planet.
3.2sI don't know that that would be a good investment on our end.
1.64sI mean, I want to open a sports bar.
2.77sBRIAN: Good morning, Quahog.
1.17sYou're here with Dingo...
3.47s(DOG GROWLS) And the Baby...
2.97s(BABY GURGLES) And if you're thinking about changing the station...