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3.07sForget it, Zookeeper. You're going into captivity.
2.98sFool! A quip about putting me behind bars...
2.29swould've been far more delicious.
2.02sHere. Catch.
3.22sNo, Fry! You can't fall fast enough!
2.44sI got it! I got it! I don't got it!
3.4sYou saved the Gemerald!
2.03sYet the Zookeeper escaped,
3.17sthus proving that the deadliest animal of all...
1.67sis the Zookeeper.
1.75sYou can get off me anytime.
0.91sOh, no!
3.44sMy parents are leaving! I've gotta go change back into street Leela.
2.23sIt's the New Justice Team! Can we get some photos?