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2.99sIs this clown on?
2.77sWhere are those daring crime stoppers?
4.17sOh! I completely forgot! I left my apartment on fire.
5.57sUh, as for me, I'm late for my L.S.A.T.s.
4.35sAnd I can't take life anymore!
2.62sClobberella! Captain Yesterday!
2.75sMy liege, you're just in time.
3.6sWe've received a tip that the Museum of Natural History...
3.04swill be robbed tomorrow at exactly 9:00 a.m.
3.17sThe target: the priceless Quantum Gemerald.
1.75sWho's the perp?
2.8sA dangerous villain known as the Zookeeper,