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2.65sUntil they run out of steam
1.87sMiracle Cream Miracle Cream
2.1sGives the power to the team
2.42sits effects wear off for sure
2.6sSo they just slop on some more
5.5sThe New justice Team Ta-da!
2.64sCaptain Yesterday?
3.02sI find your skintight high-waters incredibly sexy.
2.02sLet's get together sometime.
1.85sSure. I'm listed in the phone book,
2.25sso once I reveal my real name to you,
3.04salong with my home address and a copy of my birth certificate--
3.27sAre you crazy? We have to keep our secret identities secret.
2.89sFrom everybody? Especially from everybody.
0.51sGive several reasons why.
2.11sFor one,
2.04ssuperheroes cause a lot of collateral damage,
2.22sand we don't want to get our butts sued.