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2.65sYou'd think it would be something you have to freebase.
2.92sLet's see. Which powers do we have? "Super strength"?
1.9sYep. Uh-huh.
2.54s"Lickety speed"?
1.95sCheck. Yes, sir.
3.05s"Ability to command the loyalty of sea creatures"?
2.84sHey, Zoidberg, get in here! Screw you!
1.87s- Ain't got that. - Nope.
2.02sWow! Superpowers.
3.52sI'll be able to pack my day with twice as many humdrum activities.
2.48sLeela, I think you're missing the big picture.
2.55sWhen you were a kid, what was your biggest fantasy?
0.43sTo have parents.
2.45sThe correct answer is to be a superhero.
2.8sWe have superpowers, and we're Americans.