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1.8sDo you know what that means, Brian?
5.71sThis beer will still be carbonated long after you die of old age and--and we buy another dog to help the kids,
1.53syou know, forget about you.
1.58sPeter, I wouldn't--
1.72sthat's incredible!
1.89sAh, What the hell? Cheers.
1.67sI don't know why he said it wasn't ready.
1.93sIt tastes pretty good to--whoa!
2.12sOh, my God! What the hell's happening?
1.4smust be the beer!
1.45sHey, Hey, check this out.
2sAnd look at this.
1.99sOh, yeah? Watch this.
1sOh, my God!
1.37sRelax, Brian, It's just a trick. See?
1.33sLook, my thumb is fine.
1.9sI'm talking about that!
1.2sHoly crap!