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3.2sWhen your poor legs are stiff as a tree
3.4sWhat do you do when you're stuck in a chair?
3.37sFinding it hard to go up and down stairs
3.39sWhat do you think of the one you call God?
3.59sIsn't his absence slightly odd?
1.6sMaybe he's forgotten you
1.37sChumba Wumba
1.73sgobbledy gorse
1.48sCount yourself lucky
11.53syou're not a horse They would turn you into dog food or to Chumba Wumba gobbledy gluE I'm glad I'm not taking your stupid tour!
1.47sI'm a Coors man anyway!
1.03sSilver Bullet!
1.5sGobbledy glue
1.63sVery good, Jimmy.
2.53sTryIng to watch the History Channel here.
1.13sTry it again.
1.83sNot talking to myself.
2.04sYou're good enough to tackle a Beethoven sonata.