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1.65sHey, guys! guys, Check it out.
1.42sQuagmire's trying to get lucky.
2.27sHey, gorgeous! You want to come home with me?
1.47sI'm with my husband!
2.57sLose the zero, get with the hero.
2.17sLittle violent for you, don't you think?
2.77sHeh! I'll be right over there.
1.69sWe interrupt with this breaking news.
1.37sAfter years of isolation,
1.85sthe mysterious and eccentric brewmeister,
4.74sPawtucket Pat, has announced that he's opening his never-before-seen brewery to a lucky few.
4.19sPawtucket Pat has placed 4 silver scrolls in 4 random beers.
7.31sEach lucky scroll- winner and a guest of their choice will take a magical tour of the brewery and walk away with a lifetime supply of beer.
1.64sWhat? Don't complain.
2.33sThis is actually making you look attractive.
1.79sOh Man! Did you guys hear that?
3.57sImagine seeing the inside of the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery.
1.87sForget it, Peter. You don't have A chance.
1.65sYeah. You never win anything.
2.7sRemember when you went on Password?
2.75sThis one is for Peter Griffin and Tony Randall.
2.1sThe password is "flaming."