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1.88sMorris, is what this man says true?
1.13sIt's hard to say.
6.19sHe may have come up with the recipe but I came up with the idea of charging 6.95.
1.1sUhp-- telephone.
1.3sFlaming Moe's.
1.28sI'm looking for a friend.
2.3sLast name: jazz. First name: Hugh.
1.27sHold on. I'll check.
1.23sHuge ass?
3.15sSomebody check the men's room for a huge ass.
1.22sI'm Hugh jazz.
1.37sThis is Hugh jazz.
0.95sUh... hi.
1.2sWho's this?
0.8sBart Simpson.
1.3sWhat can I do for you?
5.24sThis is a crank call that backfired and I'd like to bail out right now.
1.48sBetter luck next time.
1.65sHmm, what a nice young man.
2.89sI'm sorry you're mad, but this isn't personal.
1.23sThis is business.
1.1sBusiness, eh?
2.5sWell, you just lost yourself a customer.
2.24sWhat? I couldn't hear you.
2.67sI said, you just lost a customer!
1.92sYou just lost a customer!
1.57sYou'll have to speak up.
2.1sYou lost yourself a customer, Moe!
2.55sI forced myself to what?