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1.77sThat's Springfield, Steven.
1.33sOh, yeah. Right.
1.32sAre you ready to rock?
2.27sI said, are you ready to rock!
2.07sHit it!
2.05sBackstroke lover, I was hiding 'neath The covers
1.35syou Was talkin' to your daddy and sayin'
3.09ssaid you ain't seen nothin' till you're down on the muffin
2.34sthen you're sure to be a-changin' your way
1.78sI met A cheerleader was A real young breeder
1.62sall the times I can reminisce
1.5s'cause the best Things of lovin'
1.23sWas A sister and a cousin
1.17sonly started with A little kiss
0.8slike this...
1sHi, Homer.
3.64sI want you to meet my friends Armando and Raffi.
5.69s...So I took A big chance at the high School dance with A missy who was ready to play... Hey, Moe, come on. Get up here.