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2.35sBart Simpson, you're next.
2.95s"The inventor I Admire" by Bart Simpson.
5.77sThe inventor I admire is not a rich man or a famous man, or even a smart man.
6.82sHe's my father, Homer Simpson creator of... Dun-da-da-dah The Flaming Homer!
0.9sThe Flaming Homer?
4.2sYou mean the Flaming Moe and your dad didn't invent it, you wuss.
1.63sMoe the bartender did.
0.88sEveryone knows that.
1.13sIt's not true.
1.25sMy father invented it.
2.27sAllow me to demonstrate.
2.14sAre those liquor bottles?
1.05sI brought plenty.
3.2sTake those to the teachers' lounge.
0.93sHey, Bernard!
1.37sGood evening, Krusty.