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1.48sMe thinks I shan't.
2.65sAre you the genius behind the Flaming Moe?
0.27sYes, I...
1.28sI'm your man.
4.64sI work for Tipsy McStagger's good time drinking and eating emporium.
3.2sOh, yeah? Hey, what's Mr. McStagger really like?
4.25sTipsy McStagger is just a composite of other successful logos.
4.12sYou tell him for me that he makes one great mozzarella stick.
0.75sYes, I will.
2.83sI've got a proposition for you.
2.57sYour Flaming Moe is perfect for our chain.
2.14sWe want to buy the recipe.
1.08sIt's not for sale.
4.44sDo you know how much of my blood and sweat are in this drink?
1.37sUh... figure of speech.
1.03sSorry, Harv.