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2.37sThink my drink had something to do with it?
3.19sWho can say? It's probably a combination of things.
1.68sAnother pitcher of Flaming Moes.
2.74sI hate this joint, but I love that drink.
2.6sI couldn't help noticing your sign.
2.45sYou mean, "Bartenders Do It 'Til You Barf"?
2.05sAbove that store-bought drollery.
2.2sWhy don't we fill out an application.
3.1sI'll need your name, measurements, and turn-ons.
2.39sYou expect me to tell you that?
4.04sYou could, but I find this way is much more accurate, and fun.
2.45sUgh! What salary do you offer?
1.22sMinimum wage and tips.
2.55sOf course, there are fringe benefits.
0.68sSuch as?
2.79sAn unforgettable weekend at Club Moe.
2.5sI'd prefer to vacation someplace hot.
1.33sOw! Whoo!
1.9sI like your moxie, kid.
1.27sYou're hired.
1.93sYou shan't regret this.
1.48sMe thinks I shan't.
2.65sAre you the genius behind the Flaming Moe?
0.27sYes, I...
1.28sI'm your man.
4.64sI work for Tipsy McStagger's good time drinking and eating emporium.