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2sYou're too late, Homer.
1.33sBarney sucked it dry.
2.17sCut his gums up pretty bad.
2sTake it easy, Homer.
3.5sI learned how to make other drinks at bartender's school.
1.33sGin and... tonic?
1.67sDo they mix?
1.92sHey, I know a good drink.
1.89sReally hits the spot.
1.85sI invented it myself.
4.85sOne night, Marge's beastly sisters were showing slides from their vacation.
6.34sAnd this is Patty trying to plug her razor into those ungodly Czechoslovakian outlets.
3.04sAs you can see, we never got the hang of it.
1.23sAy, caramba!
4.3sAs I stared at that hairy drumstick I knew I needed a drink.
3sPatty, Selma, would you excuse me for a moment?
3.34sIf you're going for a beer, this is the last one.
4.14sI decided to mix the little bits that were left in every liquor bottle.
4.74sIn my haste I had grabbed a bottle of the kids' cough syrup.