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0.93sI guess so.
1.6sCompliments of the house--
2.77sOne Flaming... Homer.
2.69sAw, thanks, Moe.
2.94sYou're the greatest friend a guy could ever have.
2.92sHey, do you think Aerosmith will be in tonight?
1.78sI doubt it.
3.27sDo it in the sunshine
2.67shangin' from A clothesline
3.7sfind another tree to climb
2.37syoung lust there's no time For lovin'
2.43syoung lust I don't need one in the oven
2.57syoung lust I'm pushin' and shovin'
2.5syeah, yeah
3.57syoung lust c'mon now I just can't wait
2.87sare ya fishin' or you gonna cut bait
1.93severybody body's doin it
2.6syoung lust there's no tiMe For lovin'
2.4syoung lust I don't need one in the oven