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0.87sBut, honey...
3.97sHe's your friend, Morris and you took advantage of him.
0.77sAll right. All right.
1.95sI'll split the million with Homer.
1.43sJeepers, Mary and joseph!
3.95sI sleep with a chick once it costs me half a million bananas.
2.82sMoe, Moe, Moe...
2.54sBart, are you going to mow the lawn today?
2.75sOkay, but you promised me Moe money.
1.23sI Moe, I Moe.
2.39sMoe, Moe, Moe...
4.3sWhen Bart's done, can we Moe to the Moevies for the Moetinee?
3.67sOf course. All work and Moe play makes Moe a Moe Moe.
0.75sMoe Moe Moe Moe Moe?
0.88sMoe Moe Moe.
1.1sMoe Moe Moe Moe Moe.
0.58sMoe Moe Moe Moe.
2.35sMoe, Moe...
2.2sMoe, Moe...