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2.82sOh, by the way, I was being sarcastic.
1.67sWell, duh!
3.24sNow, that's what I call a happy hour.
1.84sMorris, something troubles me.
3.24sMy mother won't be home for another 20 minutes.
2.39sNo. I was thinking about Homer Simpson.
0.97sThat's okay.
2.5sI was thinking about Sybil Danning.
4.42sI meant, I think you should sell your drink and give half the money to Homer.
0.87sBut, honey...
3.97sHe's your friend, Morris and you took advantage of him.
0.77sAll right. All right.
1.95sI'll split the million with Homer.
1.43sJeepers, Mary and joseph!
3.95sI sleep with a chick once it costs me half a million bananas.
2.82sMoe, Moe, Moe...