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1.38sWow. Info-tainment.
5.49sTonight we salute the silver anniversary of the Great Springfield Tire Yard Fire.
2.9s25 years and still burning strong.
4.7sWe watch Springfield's oldest man meet Springfield's fattest man.
1.4sHe's not so fat.
6.49sAnd we visit with heavyweight champion Dredrick Tatum who reminisces about growing up in Springfield.
1.3sIt was a dump.
3.3sIf you see me there, you know I up bad.
5.6sBut first, part seven of our eye-opening look at the bikini.
1.42sWhoa-- T and A!
1.63sWhy are you still up?
2.62sLisa's slumber party.
3.92sWho can sleep with those five evil hens cackling and plotting against me?
2.43sThey've got better things to talk about than you.
1.43sSheesh, what an ego.
2.27sLisa, your brother is so gross.