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4.05sNo. My company is willing to do what it takes to get that recipe.
3.19sWe're prepared to offer you $1 million.
4.72sSorry, Harv, but like I told you before it ain't for sale.
0.92sDon't be stupid!
1.43sWe have a lab for this.
3.1sWe've figured it out, except for one ingredient.
1.52sBrace yourselves, gentlemen.
5.1sAccording to the gas chromatograph the secret ingredient is...
2.1sWho's been screwing with this thing?
2.67sI'm sorry, but the secret ingredient dies with me.
2.27s30 cases of cough syrup.
0.4sSign here.
1.75sI got hooked on this in the service.
2.64sAh! My new watering hole.