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1.55sWriters take from their lives.
2.34sYou married a creative type. You knew this was a risk.
1.63sWhat's that supposed to mean?
2sWell, the last few weeks, you've been nagging the hell out of me.
2sPeter, you think I like nagging you?
2.2sOne of us needs to be an adult in this marriage,
1.27sand it's clearly not you.
1.94sIs this about me wetting the bed just now?
3.47sPeter, don't you understand that I'm just looking out for this family?
1.4sBesides, without my nagging,
1.33syou'd probably get yourself killed.
1.13sOr laid.
1.43sRight, frat house?
5.15sYeah! (ALL CHEERING) (SCOFFS) Those knuckleheads should be studying.
2.14sOkay, you know what? Fine, Peter, that's it.
2.04sFrom now on, I'm not nagging you anymore.
1.93sYou're not? No, you're on your own.
2.82sI'm done with it. I'm done with all of it!
2.22sWell, great, I should probably get some sleep.
2.27sTomorrow on Petey's Funhouse, we're doing "Who's on First?"
1.27sI'm gonna play Costello,
3.14sand Abbott is gonna be played by a live puma.
1.97sPeter, that sounds really...
2.77sYou know what? Sounds great. Have fun.
1.37sThanks, Lois. Good night.