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1.53sAnd, what... "Fazio"?
2.2sWhat, is that a brand of Blu-ray player?
2.7sStewie, this sweatshirt is so sophisticated.
1.97sLook, it says "New York."
1.53sPeople will think I'm from there.
5.24s(LAUGHING) (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Put your phone away, we're at a funeral!
1.57sOh, my God.
2.99s(LAUGHING) Look! It's Saggy Naggy.
1.2sALL: Boo!
1.03sYou're mean.
1.5sI don't like you, Saggy Naggy.
1.7sYou stink, Saggy Naggy.
3.3sMy goodness, that's a very rude thing to say to someone.
1.37sCalling them Saggy...
2.54s(LAUGHING) What the hell?
1.7sYoung man, what do you think you're...
1.7sLois, I just saw Jessica Alba on television.
1.5sWe've got 90 seconds, let's go!
1.15sPeter, I'm not in the mood!
1.33sThat's okay. We can do it anyway.
2.64sPeter, I was assaulted in public because of you!