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1.2sAnd how are you today,
1.6sMr... Pa-ti-ent?
1.5sMy last name is Saunders.
1.73sThat's an interesting pronunciation.
1.95sThis is Meg, she's shadowing me today.
3sAnd boy, could she put the applesauce away in the commissary.
1.48sHi. Little tip, Meg,
3.44sthe inside of this folder has a diagram of the human body.
0.97sKind of a cheat sheet.
2.54sNow, see, right now, I'm listening for cancer.
1.57sDo you mean his heartbeat?
1.57sMaybe. Here, you take a turn.
2.07sWow, your heartbeat sounds a little fast.
2.24sDo you smoke? Actually, I do.
1.72sAh! Me, too. Isn't it great?
2.27sWell, that's bad for you. You shouldn't do it.
3.29sIt raises your heart rate and can lead to emphysema or cancer.