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1.67s(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Never mind with "hi!"
2.94sIt sounds like someone's having fun over here!
1.97sYou know I don't like that!
2.47s(IN NORMAL VOICE) Hey, kids. Meet Saggy Naggy.
1.8sReal nice lady, huh?
1.23sALL: No!
2.03sWhat can I do for you, Saggy Naggy?
1.87s(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) You can stop having fun!
2.24s(IN NORMAL VOICE) But we like fun, don't we, kids?
1.27sALL: Yes!
1.02s(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Well, too bad,
1.93s'cause you're all gonna eat your vegetables,
2.5slisten to long stories about my cousins,
1.57sand help me fold sheets!
2.4sAnd you! You're gonna help around the house,
1.1stake out the garbage,
1.87sand give Stewie his bottle!
1.33sYeah, I heard it.
2.44sThey say my name on TV all the time. Calm down, bitch.
2.45s(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Make me dinner, and go rent Twilight,
1.5sand do mouth stuff on me,
2.34seven though it's been a day-and-a-half since I've showered,
2.9sand I've used several public bathrooms in the interim!
2.6s(IN NORMAL VOICE) Sounds like this could go on for a while, kids.
2.7sHey, Saggy Naggy, I know what'll cheer you up.
1.23sDo you like pie?
1.4s(IN NORMAL VOICE) Well, how does this taste?