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2.09sPeter, dinner!
0.83sNo dinner for me tonight, Lois.
2.07sI have to go work on a bit for tomorrow's show.
2.4sIf I can kill 25 butterflies in a minute,
2.03sI won't have to show the audience my balls.
3.95sPeter, this is the fourth night in a row you've skipped out on us to work on your show.
2.3sOnce again, I'm gonna be stuck cleaning up the kitchen,
2.17shelping out with homework, and bathing Stewie.
1.7sYou know, I'd lay off the nagging if I was you.
1.87sI'm a children's TV star now.
2.85sI can have any three-year-old girl I want. Just know that, Lois.
2.22sPeter, I'm only asking you to do your share.
1.5sWell, it's getting on my nerves.
2.3sLike, right now, you are the most annoying thing in my life,
1.94swith the possible exception of Evite.
1.27sWhat's this?
2.13sIt's this website you can use to invite people to stuff.
2sDoes it have to be a significant event?
1.6sNo. Not at all!