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5.54s(PETEY'S FUNHOUSE MUSIC PLAYING) Hi, kids, I'm Petey Griffin.
1.45sALL: Hi, Petey!
2.74sWe're going to have so much fun on Petey's Funhouse today,
1.22sbut before we begin,
2.75syour friend Petey wants to sing you a song.
2.42sWhat makes you so special?
2.7sThe fact that you are special
2.3sBut if everybody's special
2.6sThat kinda waters it down
9.44sSo some of you ain't special I can tell you who is special Like you and you ain't special And you are and you're not.
3.77sOkay, kids, it's story time here on Petey's Funhouse.
4.15sToday's story is Lesbian Butts in '80s Jeans.
1.45sOh, that's a classic.
6.02s"Once upon a time, some chick in a leather jacket "in front of me in the parking lot "walked into Home Depot,
2.49s"and her butt looked like this."