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1.57sI just answered an ad off Craigslist,
2.97sand after several hours of sexual torture, I had a show.
3.64s(PHONE RINGS) Don't answer that. I gave out that number under duress.
2.47sLois, Peter's show is on the local public access channel.
1.1sAnyone can have one.
3.77sYeah, Petey's Funhouse is actually replacing The Bad Audio Basement Show.
1.87s(DISTORTED) And once the hot glue dries,
1.97syour birdhouse will be complete.
1.8sPeter, you already do nothing around the house,
2.3sand now you're wasting more time with this nonsense.
2.27sGeez, you're still getting on my hump about this?
1.23sI help out around here.
3.09sJust this morning I changed Meg's diaper and I sent her off to school.
2.5sBoy, can she kick, but she left here spotless.
2.1sDr. Hartman, thanks for letting me shadow you.
2.2sI just know I'm going to learn so much.
2.8sAh! It's my pleasure, Meg, and you're in good hands.
2.45sYou see that diploma? Yale Medical School.
1.8sWow, that's impressive.
2.57sThank you, I work very hard on my calligraphy.
2.74sSo, how about we take a little stroll around the hospital?
2.03sThis area is known as a hallway.
3.9sDon't worry, you'll pick up on all the technical doctor jargon pretty soon.