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1.83sYou go to an intro class,
1.53sand it's not even at the yoga studio.
1.23sIt's in someone's living room.
1.17sAnd that's not even a yoga mat.
2.42sThat's the old pee pad from my crib.
2.65sUh, Lois, you might want to check this out.
1.52sWhat is it, Brian? Take a look.
2.34sAnd now, boys and girls,
3.2sit's time for Petey's Funhouse.
13.08sIt's gonna be fun and we'll have lots of yuks And maybe learn some stuff but not definitely It's the Petey's Funhouse show Ugh, another Aaron Sorkin show that's way over everyone's head.
2.65sHow the hell did you even get a TV show, Peter?
1.57sI just answered an ad off Craigslist,
2.97sand after several hours of sexual torture, I had a show.
3.64s(PHONE RINGS) Don't answer that. I gave out that number under duress.
2.47sLois, Peter's show is on the local public access channel.
1.1sAnyone can have one.
3.77sYeah, Petey's Funhouse is actually replacing The Bad Audio Basement Show.