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2.39sWatch the baby. And you couldn't even do that.
1.5sCome on, Stewie.
1.73sJeez, why's she got to be such a nag?
2.22sI wish she was more like Mother Maggie.
2.6sMother Maggie has an announcement, lads and lasses.
3.99sI've had such fun playing and learning with you these last few years,
3.65sbut now, just as bees must leave the hive,
1.87sI must leave Jolly Farm.
2.54sNot that you asked, but to have fertility treatments.
3.54sSo this will be our last episode of Jolly Farm.
1.53sWhat? No.
1.32sThey can't cancel Jolly Farm.
1.75sPeter, it's just a stupid kids' show.
1.7sJust a stupid kids' show?
2.67sWhat about Pengrove Pig and the Lollipop Luau?
1.22s(STAMMERING) Uh, I don't know.
1.48sThis is going to leave a void,
1.4sand somebody's got to fill it.
1.23sI think you're overreacting.
1.3sYou don't understand, Brian.
2sWhat am I supposed to do without Jolly Farm?