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2.08sCome on, it's good to have some alone time.
4.05sYou know, I spent a year alone on a desert island with nothing but a monkey to keep me company.
2.84sYou're saved, sir. We're going to get you back to civilization.
1.77sAnd how about we bring along your monkey pal?
1.27sYeah, we can teach him sign language,
3.07sand he can tell us stories about what you two did on the island together.
2.42sNo, no, no, no, let's... Let's not... Let's not bring the monkey.
2.49sUm, I have a peanut M&M up my nose,
2.64sand it's now further up than my finger can reach.
2.07sI am ready to farm this out to someone.
1.9sOh, Stewie, there you are.
2sPeter, I asked you to do one simple thing.
2.39sWatch the baby. And you couldn't even do that.
1.5sCome on, Stewie.
1.73sJeez, why's she got to be such a nag?
2.22sI wish she was more like Mother Maggie.
2.6sMother Maggie has an announcement, lads and lasses.
3.99sI've had such fun playing and learning with you these last few years,